Roseau Valley Banana Plantation

The Roseau Valley in St Lucia is home to the island's largest banana plantation.


The Roseau River runs through the valley and enters the sea at Roseau Bay. It is the longest river in St Lucia and the Roseau Reservoir is a major source of drinking water. There are several settlements within the valley, These are Roseau, Jacmel, Bois d'Inde, Morne d'Or, Morne Ciseaux, Coolietown, Derrière Lagoon, Vanard and Millet. Originally the valley had been used for the cultivation of sugar and a railway (since been lifted) was used to transport the sugar from further up the valley to a processing plant at Roseau. Until the 1980s there was a thriving farmer's and fisherman's market at Roseau, but since then most people now travel to the market at Castries. More recently, it is a major production area for bananas.