Sites and Attractions

Welcome to St. Lucia!

Hike to the top of Gros Piton or just relax on a beach and soak up the golden sun, the island's many attractions will leave you with a feeling of fulfilment and a longing to return.

Canaries (or Kanawe in Creole) is located on the West Coast of St. Lucia. It is a small fishing village and it is nestled along the West Coast road, between Anse La Raye and Soufriere, and there are scenic views from both the Northern and Southern approaches.
The Diamond Falls are consistently described as one of the natural wonders of St Lucia.
Marigot Bay is located on the western coast of the of Saint Lucia tucked between Castries and Anse La Raye.
The Roseau Valley in St Lucia is home to the island's largest banana plantation.
The Sulphur Springs are a popular natural attraction in St Lucia due to their ability for tourists to literally drive up to the edge of the volcano.
The tour is guided by friendly and knowledgeable locals who can answer your questions and provide insights about the attractions you will see along the way.
A nature trail with quaint bridges and walkways leads you through the lush greens and dazzling colours of this tropical paradise.