Land Tours

Take in the sights of St.Lucia by land

Here’s what land tours we have on offer at Joys Adventure

West Coast Drive

Enjoy a tour along the scenic west coast of Saint Lucia. This tour entails:

  • Private A/C Vehicle.
  • Stop at the Castries Market if you’re coming from a hotel which is in the North of Castries.
  • We will stop briefly at Morne Fortune – the hill of good hope.
  • At Marigot Bay, you will have an opportunity to enjoy the world-famous scenic lagoon which was the backdrop for the movie Doctor Doolittle (1967) starring Rex Harrison.
  • Roseau Valley – home to St Lucia’s biggest banana plantation.
  • Visit The St Lucia Rum Factory.
  • Anse la Raye – Famous for the local ‘Sea Food Friday’
  • Soufriere – Home of the glorious twin Pitons
  • Mud baths at Drive-in Volcano
  • Toraille Waterfall
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Local Restaurant lunch

All entrance and guide fees are included.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Gros Piton Hike

The Pitons, two volcanic spires rising majestically on St Lucia, represent some of the most breathtaking natural wonders of the island, with the climb up Gros Piton offering a unique adventure.

Rising an impressive 2,619 feet above the sea, Gros Piton, along with its sibling Petit Piton, forms a striking feature on St Lucia’s western skyline.

At its summit, climbers are rewarded with panoramic views that extend across the shimmering Caribbean Sea to encompass a significant expanse of the island.

Embarking on a Gros Piton hike is the exclusive means to appreciate this perspective, guaranteeing an unforgettable summit experience. Opting for this climb promises the epitome of elevated exploration. While adventurers have the option to scale both Gros and Petit Piton, only the ascent of Gros Piton is officially endorsed by St Lucia’s authorities. Petit Piton presents a more perilous challenge due to its steeper incline, whereas Gros Piton is acknowledged for its safer trails and more spectacular vistas. The climb includes some steep sections, yet remains accessible to the majority of hikers.